AmeriSus Ready Pack™ Eco-Cottage™ only $49,999

Three Great Companies Make Headlines with an Exciting New Product

AmeriSus Eco-Cottage - Now with Ready Pack delivery

AmeriSus Eco-Cottage – Now with Ready Pack delivery


Cottage Home Activity Satisfies Growing Need of Single Occupant Household Segment

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One third of the households in America have one occupant. In many large cities the percentage is greater than 50% yet despite this growing trend the majority of new homes built have three bedrooms or more.  Millennials and seniors  looking for a simpler more affordable approach to living are gravitating to smaller cottage homes.

AmeriSus launched a cottage home initiative back in 2009 called “Operation Apple Pie” which included five Liberty Series models ranging in size from 600 to 1200 square feet.  Since then additional models like those shown here have been added to the program.  A way to make these homes even more affordable came about in 2011 with the introduction of HELP ™ which is the company’s unique Home Eco Lease Program that allows occupants to live in an attractive detached eco-home for less that $700 per month.

To encourage communities to embrace smaller homes individually and in cluster neighborhoods AmeriSus created the City Benefits ™ program which provides a revenue for towns that advance the development of smaller scale housing.




New Approach to Lighting a Big Hit

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Building new or updating what’s worn out R.O.C.C. can help

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Out-of-the Box Thinking Leads to New & Different Solutions

Our Conturrent eco-lighting system is unlike anything that exists today.  It allows modern fixed lighting to be installed at a lower cost using considerably less materials and as a result less labor.  That translates into less cost for a builder, remodeler and homeowner.  The real winning aspect is that it uses less electricity than any other lighting system.  Visit the Conturrent website to learn more.

Teaming platform for Architects & Builders

R.O.C.C. brought architects, engineers, builders and other service providers together at the Atlantic Builders Convention in an effort to provide a choice of quality services to homeowners (more).

What’s the Difference?

The homes that get built via R.O.C.C. are all AmeriSus Homes where the approach to design, construction and material supply has been optimized to save both time and money.  That savings goes back into each home in the form of better materials, more efficient systems, quality products and outstanding finishes which all become homeowner benefit.

Take a look at our standard specs and compare them to what others describe will show as their standard.  There’s no comparison and somebody tells you “they are the same”  you are being sold a bill of goods.

Also look at where the materials were made (USA), the reputation of the manufacturer and the warranty that comes along with the product.

Any questions?  Don’t hesitate – just call us and we can described what is in the AmeriSus Whole Home Package and why it is the best price and best value in the new home business.

Check out some of our other elevated models and floor plans.

With R.O.C.C. you need not get involved in a $/SF conundrum because each item going into your home is  selected for value, efficiency and durability.   Comparison shop and decide for yourself.

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One great house, one low price, includes everything – move in this Fall.

Tired of Getting the Rebuilding Run-around?

  • Did that Low Cost Sales Pitch turn into a High Cost Proposal?
  • Do different suppliers say the other guy handles that?
  • Does it seem as though there is no simple solution?

R.O.C.C. delivers the highest value for the lowest price.  Call us.

Take a look at what goes into our homes by viewing the Selection Guidewhy AmeriSus is the better choice – 215 364-8288

Just released FEMA Best Available Flood Hazard Data

Read our our Different Perspective on rebuilding at the beach.

Wilt Front

Shown to the right is our elevated ranch 30 ft wide and 40 ft deep at 1200 sq. ft.

It can come with 4 bedrooms & 1 or 2 baths all on one floor.  For more space in the LR & Kitchen the 4th bedroom can be eliminated.

The illustration shows basic steps and depending on lot size and house placement a near endless variety of deck configurations can be included.

Whether we talk to homeowners at Mystic Island, Beach Haven, Belle Harbor, New Haven or Normandy Beach the common home dimension that keeps popping up is 26 feet wide by 42 feet deep and somewhere between 6 and 14 feet up in the air to keep out of harms way.
Shown below are three variations of that 26 ft X 42 ft footprint.

If your house is packed with people all summer long then bedrooms are what is in high demand. The floor plan below packs four places to sleep on a single level.

Here’s another single level approach with an open living-kitchen-dining area that goes from front to back.

If you can get by with one less bedroom the model below provides a large living room area.

As a multi-level variation the model below provides a master suite on the second level with a family room that leads out to a expansive second floor deck. Downstairs are three more bedrooms plus a sizable laundry / storage area.

Keep an eye out for more variations on this theme. If any of these plans prompts you to think of something we missed; send us your thoughts via email below.

See six new elevated beach houses just right for fun in the sun.

Join our “Living Different” discussion by adding your comments and thoughts below.

Many of us have spent decades enjoying all that living along the coast has to offer. How many times on any saturday have you walked out the sliding door of your home, across the deck and onto terra-firma (solid earth). Now moving forward many of us will be stranded high in the sky with a flight of stairs to encounter 10, 20 maybe thirty times a day. Share your thoughts.

We’re starting to feel like progress is actually coming about! Streets are now cleared. The remains of debris are being taken away. Seasonal dwellers are actually getting focused on rebuilding. Insurance checks are showing up (cash them). Local building regulations are being modified. Before long the water will be warmer and the AmeriSus team will be hanging five; maybe ten. We keep hearing about homeowners being told that the wait for replacement homes is out to 2014. We say baloney to that; lets get moving now, lets put some local people to work and get construction started now with occupancy before summer is over. AmeriSus homes and the R.O.C.C. team can have your replacement built in 10 weeks.

Planning & design moves into high gear in NJ with structures large and small gearing up for fast-track rebuilding

R.O.C.C. team to expand coastal presentation tour in NJ & NY 2/16 through 3/9.

Our Ready Build™ schedule sets a fast pace to get your new home finished quickly. LINK

R.O.C.C. was formed the week Super Storm Sandy hit shore as an effort to create a home rebuilding solution unlike anything previously attempted. Recognizing that something “spectacular” would be needed to mount a rebuilding program AmeriSus reached out to the dozens of companies that have provided goods and services for its existing line of affordable eco-homes. While doing that an amazing mix of other best-in-class firms showed up wanting to be a part of this effort.

The goal is to bring together a team of experts capable of addressing the broad spectrum of issues that have and will continue to surface for rebuilding homes in communities up and down the coast on scattered coastal lots with different foot prints, different home types and different financial situations. This effort will see a mix of everything imaginable unlike the construction industry’s traditional approach of building new homes in a new subdivision.

Designed & Built for the Shore

Designed & Built for the Shore

Simple, efficient, modern & elevated

Simple, efficient, modern & elevated built in eight weeks

Prior to Sandy no known single-source approach like that which is being undertaken by R.O.C.C. has been brought forward as a universally applicable model for rebuilding after a disaster. Now the R.O.C.C. challenge will be to create a virtual “housing machine” capable of pumping out custom homes at unprecedented rates. The consortium membership represents a mix of firms that are leaders in their respective fields. The professional experience, products, tools and technologies each member brings to the consortium creates an assemblage of talent that is unmatched.

This consortium is the coming together of manufacturers, suppliers and service providers in singularly focused effort to deliver the ultimate tool for rebuilding. The area’s best builders will become that much better using this tool.

R.O.C.C. is a not-for-profit trade association funded by its membership and as such we cannot accept donations.

We ask that you help victims of Super Storm Sandy by donating to the AMERICAN RED CROSS – visit American Red Cross, call 1-800-RED-CROSS or text the word REDCROSS to 90999 to make a $10 donation.

The Hurricane Sandy New Jersey Relief Fund Inc. is a non-profit organization that raises and distributes funds to organizations that support the recovery and rebuilding efforts of New Jersey communities impacted by the storm. The Fund aims to make a sustainable, long-term impact and focuses on programs that address the unmet needs of New Jersey communities. To learn more about NJRF activities or to make a donation follow this LINK

To reach R.O.C.C. by email or call 215 364-8288